My name is Andy, I am 25 and a full time adventurer.


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Hot sun peels the paint down to the primer
Overheating engine spits and whines
Try to keep our minds on what we’re doing
Try to keep the wheels between the lines

The feeling when the cop car flips its lights on
The near-electric tension crackling here inside the truck
The lack of any word from you in Memphis
The sound of someone running out of luck

(Source: sadyoungcardinal)

Leslie Shows

Leslie Shows is a local Bay Area artist whose paintings have titles like ” The Arrangement of Salts and Metals by Properties,” where she succeeds in melding elemental natural tones with moody pychedelic lightning and rainbow crystals.  The vibrant colors and the explosive use of paint in Leslie Shows work, balanced with the subtle greys and stone.  Her paintings reunite the rift between science and art by utilizing color and form to explain what is happening in our real world sometimes on such a grand scale that we are usually unable to notice.  The first image is detail of her painting called “The Nitrogen Cycle.” She magically displays working concepts on thge working of our physical world by combining elements to create something as basic as the air we breathe. Everything is located on a grand Geologic Time Scale which surpasses our normal experience of the world by millions of years and can destroy our reality with one shift.


share a coke with your own crippling sense of loneliness and inability to be mentally present in the real world